Injury / Insurance Scheme

As well as the GAA Player Injury Scheme, the GAA operates a number of insurance schemes, which all clubs should be familiar with. It is critical that clubs have the correct insurance cover in place and that clubs take all the necessary steps to make the club a safe environment for everyone.

For general information on Public Liability, Employers Liability, The GAA Block Hirers Policy, Property Insurance, GAA Injury Scheme and Club Health and Safety Statements, click on the following link, GAA Insurance and Injury Schemes.

Click on the following link for a detailed document on the GAA Injury Scheme, effective October 1st 2010.

This PDF leaflet is for information purposes only. It does not form any contract and does not purport to deal with all aspects of the GAA Injury Scheme.

G.A.A. Injury Scheme Claim Forms

Procedure Specific to Wolfe Tones na Sionna:
All players must have membership paid in full prior to 31st March each year in order to benfit from any injury claims.
In the event of a minor injury the club medical personnel or the football / hurling physio will access and advise the Manager of next steps required.

In the event that the injured player, manager etc requires hospital treatment or consultation with a local doctor these expenses will be accepted by the club after same have been notified to the Adult/Juvenile Games Committee which meet on a Monday night.

In the event that the injured player, manager etc requires emergency specialized treatment these costs will be accepted by Wolfe Tones Na Sionna

In the event that the injured player, manager etc requires to meet a consultant or receive non emergency specialized treatment this must be agreed with Chairman, Vice-Chairman or Club Treasurer prior to the consultation taking place. This request can also be agreed by the Adult/Juvenile Games Committee which meets on a Monday night

The Players Injury Claim Form (see attachment below) must be completed and signed by the player and Club Secretary prior to any meeting with a consultant or receiving non emergency specialised medical treatment.

The procedures are in place to protect Wolfe Tones Na Sionna ,the injured player , manager etc from any unnecessary financial outlay.

Failure to comply with the above procedures could result in the injured party having to finance the costs of the consultant or the specialized medical treatment themselves.
Full details on Injury Scheme are available on Croke Park website at
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